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Stuart Hicar

Creative Producer - Writer - Content Creator - V.O. Artist
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About Me

I am a writer, performer, and voice over artist, based in Chicago. I am proud to say, I'm a graduate of Loyola University Chicago and The Harold Ramis Film School at The Second City, as well as a regular performer at various venues in the Chicago area. Whether on stages like the Logan Square Improv, and the Annoyance Theater or, at the Reopened iO. I continue to hone my goofy craft. I'm known for my okay mustache and booming bass voice. Currently, I am working as a freelance creative producer, comedy writer, and as a voice over artist for industry and commercial projects. 

Creator of Media

I create individualized media which services a wide variety of audiences. I strive to produce a product which entertains or educates the audience the media is intended for. With every job, I express my own voice, while successfully exceeding standards and communicating a project’s true intent. The combination of my creative production background, with exceptional communication and organizational skills, helps me remain comfortable and collected in any situation. My goal is to always walk away from a collaboration where the client gets more than was expected. 

What's Next?

Whatever I gosh darn want! 


Stuart's Creative Services

Purchase my undying creativity for

a very reasonable fee 

Stuart is available for hire as a Freelance Creative.

A jack of all trades, he has experience with every aspect of media production, behind, and in front of, the camera. 


A portfolio of his work can be found below.


Creative producer

Professional video productions, featuring various campaigns, products, and organizations.

Stuart's Work Featuring:

Directing, Writing, Producing, Editing, or Performing


A meeting

with the boss takes

an unexpected turn.

Voice over

Close your eyes,

sit back,

and listen to the

smooth voice of

Stuart Hicar

Commercial Track
Commercial Track
IMG_4192 3.jpg

Stuart hicar:
live and in person!

Want to see Stuart perform comedy on stage? That's a great idea buddy! You can find him in plenty of venues around the city of Chicago, performing Improv, Sketch, and Stand Up.

Here are a few regular opportunities to see Stuart LIVE! 


The Annoyance Theater's House Team Night w/ Gushy

The iO Theater's Long-Form Night w/ CreamBoy

 Weekly shows posted on Social Media w/ Grandma's Favorites


Statesmen podcast

Started on a whim with two fellow comedians, Tim Ferrarri and Anthony Rossi, Stuart is one of three hosts of The Statesmen,

A Nationwide Travel Podcast. Together, they discuss the fifty states with their five senses. Surprisingly, it works and

even has a worldwide following now. 

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You talkin' to me?
(Please Do.)

You'll be hearing

from me soon-

©stuarthicar 2020

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